Fall is finally here and it’s that time of year when a lot of you will begin your holiday wine shopping. With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas not far off, the wine lovers among you — and we assume you’re a wine lover if you’re here! — will be visiting your favorite wine retailers and selecting some of the best bottles you’ll be pouring all year. After all, what’s the holiday season if not a time to open top wines with friends and loved ones?

When it comes to your sparkling wine picks, there will surely be some a lot of Prosecco! And that’s where the G in Prosecco DOCG comes in. If you want to ensure that you’re buying the best Prosecco in your market, be sure to look for that DOCG designation.

Here’s why.

DOCG stands for denominazione di origine controllata e garantita or designation of controlled and guaranteed origin. It’s the highest classification in the Italian appellation system and it’s followed by denominazione di origine controllata or designation of controlled (without the guaranteed).

In the case of the Prosecco DOCG, the G denotes that all the fruit used to produce the wines has been grown in hillside vineyards in the three townships authorized to use the higher designation.

One of the guiding lights of our philosophy at Villa Sandi is that freshness is key to great Prosecco. And it’s that hillside fruit, which benefits from the hills’ natural ventilation and even exposure, that gives wines like our Prosecco DOCG Cartizze Vigna La Rivetta its signature clean and super fresh nose.

So when holiday wine shopping this season, be sure to look for the G and enjoy the best in premium Prosecco DOCG.


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