Every year at Vinitaly, the Italian wine world’s annual trade fair in Verona, Villa Sandi organizes helicopter tours of Valdobbiadene and Cartizze via the estate’s dedicated helicopter.

Select guests (mostly clients and top wine writers) are invited to board the helicopter just outside the fair grounds at Vinitaly’s official heliport. They then fly roughly 10 minutes from Verona to Valdobbiadene where they are given an airborne view of Prosecco’s most famous and most coveted subzone (Cartizze).

You can see Villa Sandi’s rows marked by a red carpet outside the estate’s hospitality center there — a small farm house where the winery hosts tastings and intimate events.

As you can see from the photos above and below, not only is the winery’s Vigna La Rivetta located in the heart of Cartizze. But it is also surrounded by woods, one of the elements that helps to create biodiversity there.

Click here to see Vigna La Rivetta on Google maps, including a satellite view and other photos from the ground.

Next year, if you’d like to join one of the tours, please let us know! It’s an experience you’ll never forget and it’s the best way to understand the unique topography of Cartizze.

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